Senior Management Team

Annie Duflo, Executive Director
Executive Director
Lucy Berkowitz
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Stacey Daves-Ohlin
General Counsel
Bruce Hickling
Chief Programs Officer
Pam Kingpetcharat
Chief Information Officer
Chief Research and Policy Officer

Global Functional Leadership

Global Human Resources Director
Heidi McAnnally-Linz
Director of Policy & Communications
Faith McCollister
Associate Director of Business and Program Development
Doug Parkerson
Internal Principal Investigator
Julie Peters
Grants Director
Pace Phillips, Director of Program and Business Development
Director of Program and Business Development
Lindsey Shaughnessy
Associate Director, Global Research & Data Support / Management Information Systems & Technology
Amy Shaw
Director of Development
Tyrone Washington
Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure Systems
Loïc Watine
Regional Director & Director, Goldilocks Right-Fit Evidence Unit

Regional Leadership

Kris Cox
Regional Director, Africa
Prathap Kasina
Regional Director, Asia and Latin America

Sector Leadership

Sebastian Chaskel, Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Nathanael Goldberg, Program Director, Social Protection
Program Director, Social Protection
Julie Peachey
Director, Poverty Measurement
Rebecca Rouse
Program Director, Financial Inclusion
Lucia Sanchez, Program Director
Program Director, Small & Medium Enterprises

Country Leadership

Country Director, Zambia
Country Representative, Bangladesh
Suleiman Asman, Country Director
Country Director, Kenya
Arja Dayal
Country Director, Liberia & Sierra Leone
Country Representative & Research Manager, Malawi
Henriette Hanicotte, Research Manager
Research Manager / Country Representative, Côte d'Ivoire
Juan Manuel Hernandez-Agramonte
Country Director, Peru, Bolivia, & Paraguay
Country Director, Colombia & Dominican Republic
Country Director, Ghana
Country Director, Uganda
Country Director, Rwanda
Project Director, Mexico
Country Director, Myanmar
Country Director, Burkina Faso & Mali
Country Director, Philippines
Country Director, Tanzania