Senior Management Team

Annie Duflo, Executive Director
Executive Director
Lucy Berkowitz
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Stacey Daves-Ohlin
General Counsel
Steven Glazerman
Chief Research & Methodology Officer
Bruce Hickling
Chief Global Programs Officer
Radha Rajkotia
Chief Research & Policy Officer

Global Functional Leadership

Associate Director, Communications
John Palien
Global Human Resources Director
Bethany Park
Associate Director, Policy
Heidi McAnnally-Linz
Director of Policy & External Relations
Tien Ngo
Director, Grants & Contracts
Christine Papai
Associate Director
Internal Principal Investigator
Pace Phillips
Director of Business and Program Development
Lindsey Shaughnessy
Associate Director, Global Research & Data Support
Rachel Steinacher
Associate Director of Program and Business Development
Bianca Verrilli
Global Operations Director
Loic Watine
Director, Right-Fit Evidence Unit

Regional Leadership

Suleiman Asman
Regional Director, East Africa
Claudia Casarotto
Regional Director, West Africa
Prathap Kasina
Regional Director, Asia and Latin America

Sector Leadership

Nathanael Goldberg
Director of Sector Programs
Sebastian Chaskel, Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Elliott Collins
Director of Poverty Measurement
Kate Glynn-Broderick
Associate Director, Financial Inclusion Program
Sarah Kabay
Program Director, Education
Rafe Mazer
Project Director, Consumer Protection
Rebecca Rouse
Program Director, Financial Inclusion
Lucia Sanchez
Program Director, Small & Medium Enterprises

Country Leadership

Salifu Amadu
Country Representative, Zambia
Country Director, Liberia & Sierra Leone
Country Director, Bangladesh
Marius Ogoukonle Chabi
Country Director, Francophone West Africa
Sergio De Marco
Deputy Country Director, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay
Odette Gonzalez Carrillo
Country Representative, Mexico
Juan Manuel Hernandez-Agramonte
Country Director, Peru, Bolivia, & Paraguay
Kyle Holloway
Country Director, Colombia & Dominican Republic
Madeleen Husselman
Country Director, Ghana
Country Director, Tanzania
Samuel Kembou Nzale
Research Manager and Country Representative, Côte d'Ivoire
Doug Kirke-Smith
Country Director, Rwanda
Carin Mirowitz
Country Director, Uganda
Ricardo Morel
Country Director, Myanmar
Country Director, Kenya
Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri
Country Director, Philippines
Santiago Jose Sanchez Guiu
Deputy Country Director, Ghana
Allison Stone
Deputy Country Director, Kenya