IPA began implementing research in Colombia in 2010, and in response to growing demand from researchers and local partners, we opened a country office in 2014. IPA Colombia has completed over thirty research projects in the country, and we are currently implementing more than a dozen in the fields of early childhood development, education, gender-based violence, social protection, financial inclusion, small and medium enterprises, governance, crime and violence, and peace and recovery.

The Colombia team has extensive experience collaborating with international and locally-based academics and public-, private-, and NGO-sector partners to co-create and implement research projects aimed at generating evidence to inform the design of better programs, policies, and products.

In accordance with Colombian law, the following documents are posted publicly and demonstrate IPA Colombia's registration as a non-profit entity in Colombia: 01 - Informe de Gestión, 02 - Estados Financieros03 - Acta No. 9 Reunión No Presencial de Asamblea04 - Renta, 05 - Certificado Requisitos, 06 - Acta Constitución IPA07 - Cámara y Comercio8 - Acta Autorización, 09 - Estatutos Asociación IPA10 - Certificación Miembros, and 11 - Manual de Políticas de Protección de Datos Personales.

In October 2020, IPA-Colombia launched a survey to collect data on the impact of PEP on Venezuelan migrants. In 2021, the Colombian Government issued a protection statute for Venezuelan migrants. One of the conditions to apply for this program is to have arrived in Colombia before January 31, 2021 (if the person does not have an official visa or permit yet). Therefore, in July 2021, IPA-Colombia will issue a document called "Prueba Sumaria" for Venezuelans in Colombia who participated in IPA's PEP impact survey before January 31, 2021, that helps them to meet this requirement.