Consumer Protection Initiative

Creating and testing solutions to protect consumers of digital financial products

The Consumer Protection Research Initiative uses both field experiments and analysis of large data sets to monitor and diagnose consumer protection challenges and then works with financial service providers, regulators, and others to rigorously test solutions that improve consumer protection in the context of financial inclusion and digital finance. More »

SMS Fraud Message

Financial Capability Initiative

Developing and testing products and programs to improve financial capability

The innovations at the core of our tests are informed by behavioral insights, are cost-effective, and present a promising business case for scale-up, and range from technology-enabled financial education programs to financial products that nudge consumers toward welfare-enhancing decisions. More »

Financial Services for the Poor Initiative

Improving the design and delivery of digital financial services for the poor

The Initiative oversees a portfolio of randomized evaluations and manages an annual competitive fund to support partnerships between researchers and financial service providers who wish to use rigorous evaluation techniques to inform product design.  More »

US Finance Initiative

Developing and testing financial products for low-income American households

A growing body of research suggests that factors such as limited attention, present bias, or other behavioral barriers may complement structural issues in contributing to financial hardship in the US, which affects millions of households through unmanageable debt and low savings rates. More »