Director of Research
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Ralph De Haas is the Director of Research at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London. He is also a part-time Associate Professor of Finance at Tilburg University, a CEPR Research Fellow, a Fellow at the European Banking Center, a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics, a Research Associate at the ZEW–Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research, and a Practitioner Director at the Financial Management Association (FMA). He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at Utrecht University and received the 2014 Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship Prize.

Ralph’s research has been published in the Journal of Financial EconomicsReview of Financial StudiesReview of FinanceJournal of International EconomicsAmerican Economic Journal: Applied Economics; the Journal of the European Economic Association and various other peer-reviewed outlets. His research lies at the intersection of empirical banking and development economics. He is particularly interested in microcredit and financial inclusion; the stability aspects of global banking; and finance and climate change. He is currently working on randomized controlled trials related to financial inclusion in Morocco and Turkey.

Ralph De Haas