The IPV Initiative plans to issue a fourth call for proposals to expand randomized evaluations in low-income countries to generate insights into intimate partner violence. The IPV Initiative expects to accept proposals in October 2021. Those interested in applying should read through the funding priorities below and guiding documents as they become available.

The IPV Initiative plans to release a request for proposals (RFP) this year to add IPV research arms to existing research projects investigating programs that likely impact IPV. The IPV Initiative expects to accept proposals in October 2021. Like previous rounds, the IPV Initiative supports rigorous research that sheds light on the factors or development interventions that reduce IPV.

We will seek to fund three different types of expansions of research studies:

  • IPV focused survey modules to existing studies. These are smaller grants that would fund the cost of adding IPV-focused survey modules to upcoming data collection rounds for existing studies. They are intended for research studies that are not already focused on IPV reduction, but nevertheless are likely to have notable impacts on IPV and related outcomes. We estimate grants to be issued between $25,000 and $50,000.
  • New survey rounds focused on the long-term impacts to IPV or surveys of additional respondents. These are moderately-sized grants to fund additional survey/data collection rounds focused on IPV. The types of proposals we intend to consider include, but are certainly not limited to: (1) a long-term follow-up survey of concluded study, (2) supplemental household or spouse surveys with respondents that are not part of the original data collection plan, and (3) cases where it is important to separate any IPV data collection from the primary study’s data collection for safety reasons. We estimate these grants will be between $50,000 and $150,000 each.
  • Add an IPV targeted treatment arm to an existing study. These are large grants will support expanding a study by adding a treatment arm focused on reducing IPV to a randomized evaluation. Applicants can request funding for the costs of expanding the study sample and survey as well as the IPV focused intervention. We estimate these grants could be up to $250,000 for a truly innovative or extraordinary study.