Globally, violence against women is a leading cause of premature death and morbidity for women. Almost one-third of women report experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their life, and nearly 40 percent of all homicides of women are committed by an intimate partner. Given the pervasive and complex nature of the problem, a wide range of factors can drive changes in IPV including increased empowerment, economic well-being, and household stress among others. IPA's Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Initiative seeks to inform global development policy and practice through expanding and improving the scientific evidence on pathways to mitigate IPV. By building on existing studies, the IPV Initiative aims to generate insights on the types of development programs that shift IPV outcomes and what factors drive these changes, including, studies of programs that impact household finances, increase women’s empowerment, improve socio-emotional skills.     

The IPV Initiative's Fourth Round call for proposals is now closed as of December 17, 2021. Thank you to all who submitted applications. The purpose of this research fund was to leverage existing research studies to advance our understanding of the underlying causes and influencing factors of intimate partner violence. Examples of projects that have received funding in previous rounds can be found here.