July 15, 2021 - July 17, 2021
Webinar, Myanmar

From July 15-17, IPA Myanmar moderated a conference titled Myanmar Update 2021: Living with the Pandemic and the Coup hosted by Australian National University. Myanmar Update is a major venue at which to present cutting-edge scholarship on political, social and economic affairs in Myanmar. Now in its third decade, it is one of only two longstanding, regularly held international conferences on the country, and is alone in routinely publishing papers presented at the conference. On July 17, Afke Jager, IPA Myanmar's Country Director, moderated a panel session at the Myanmar Update 2021. Russell Toth (University of Sydney), Elisa Maffioli (University of Michigan), and Derek Headey (IFPRI) presented the findings of a long-running panel survey on poverty, food security, and social protection under COVID-19 and the coup in Myanmar. For further information, please contact myanmar.research@anu.edu.au.