Project Description:
Little is known about the effects of large cash transfers in contexts of protracted displacement. This includes the influence of cash transfers on health behaviors during shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic. IDinsight plans to develop evidence in this area by building on an on-going impact evaluation of GiveDirectly’s unconditional cash transfer program in Kiryandongo refugee settlement, Uganda. The team will gather data on the COVID-19 public health measures that refugee households are implementing, the health services they are able to access, and their understanding of COVID-19 and preventative measures. By comparing refugee households who have already received their GiveDirectly cash transfer with refugee households who will receive their cash transfer in the near future, we will develop better evidence on how unconditional cash transfers influence refugee household knowledge, behaviors, and access to health services during a pandemic.
Project Type:
Qualitative Research, Randomized Evaluation
Project Timeline:
June-December 2020
Data Collection Mode:
CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
Implemented by IPA:
Implementing Organization:
Researchers (*corresponding author):
Program Area:
Questionnaire Description:
Questionnaire for first out of three data collection rounds; focus on COVID-19 related KAP, food security, psychological well-being, access to health care, COVID-19 related shocks.
Questionnaire Stage:
Data Collection in Progress
Questionnaire File Type:
Coded form
Questionnaire Language:
English, Juba Arabic, Acholi, Dinka, Nuer, Bari
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Respondent Population Characteristics:
Adults, Rural only, Households, Refugees
Last Updated On:
August 05, 2020