IPA assembled this list of resources for use in designing a monitoring system and understanding monitoring as good management. This set of textbook chapters, articles, blog posts, and organizational guides provides a range of information and perspectives on monitoring and management. They draw from a variety of sectors, from health to education to nonprofit and business management.

These resources cover:

  • designing a process-evaluation (monitoring) plan
  • methods for monitoring service utilization and program organization
  • detailed steps in building a monitoring system
  • monitoring as management
  • building organizational culture around monitoring
  • strengthening the use of data in program monitoring

Taken together, these resources will aid in the development of a monitoring plan and system that reflects CART principles and incorporates useful management practices. If thoughtfully applied, they should help develop an organizational culture built around monitoring and data, one that will help to improve staff and program performance.

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Goldilocks Toolkit
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January 04, 2016
February 2016
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