COVID-19 has resulted in many challenges for high-quality data collection. To this end, the Global Research and Data Support (GRDS) team at IPA has compiled best practices gleaned from over 50 remote survey data collections that IPA has conducted into a remote surveying handbook. This handbook describes ways to adjust common protocols and tasks needed to successfully implement a survey data collection. It focuses specifically on collecting data using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), but also covers general details around interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, and web surveys. It pays special attention to the context of COVID-19 and strategies to maintain data quality during a pandemic.

This handbook assumes some technical knowledge and familiarity with survey data collection. It is intended for researchers, but details the often-neglected skills of managing remote data collection, including the logistics of implementation and use of technical tools that are central to collecting high quality data.

Please send any feedback, questions, or comments to our Global Research & Data Support Team.

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Phone Survey Methods Resource
July 31, 2020