Innovations for Poverty Action’s Path-to-Scale Research (PSR) Program works to accelerate the process of moving evidence-based interventions from proof-of-concept to scalable and adaptable programs and policies. In contrast to innovation research that explores brand-new ideas for solving development problems, path-to-scale research begins with evidencebased approaches that have already shown promise in rigorous impact evaluations. Path-to-scale research builds on these promising approaches by creating evidence on when, where, and why an approach is expected to work, and identifying ways to optimize program design and implementation at scale. Path-to-scale research supports policymaker efforts to identify and incorporate the most effective interventions into programs and policies, resulting in better health outcomes, improved livelihoods, and less poverty.

This document covers the research agenda of the PSR Program's Child Development and Growth (Stunting) Initiative. Learn more here.

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September 01, 2020