Assistant Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

Marcella Alsan, MD, MPH, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine and a Core Faculty Member at the Center for Health Policy / Primary Care and Outcomes Research.

Alsan’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of infectious disease for health and productivity. She uses historical public health natural experiments to explore the interaction between infectious disease, human capital and economic outcomes. Another vein of research focuses on the microfoundations of antibiotic overuse and resistance.

She received a BA degree in cognitive neuroscience from Harvard University, a master’s degree in international public health from Harvard School of Public Health, a medical degree from Loyola University, and a PhD in economics from Harvard University. She is board-certified in both internal medicine and infectious disease. She trained at Brigham and Women’s Hospital,  completing the Hiatt Global Health Equity Residency Fellowship in internal medicine. She combined her PhD with an Infectious Disease Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. She was an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, prior to coming to Stanford. She currently is an infectious disease specialist at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto

Research Interests: 

Disease, Health and Medicine, Health Outcomes, Health Policy