Flora Myamba is a Researcher at REPOA in the field of social policy and social protection. She earned her doctorate in sociology at Western Michigan University in year 2009. Her areas of expertise include Applied Social Research, Social Protection, Criminology and Victimology with special focus on programs and the rights of most vulnerable groups particularly women and girls. She has/ continues to lead a number of research projects including a study on Protecting the Poor and Vulnerable through Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Tanzania (2012); Towards Achieving Income Security in Old Age through Pension Schemes: Exploring Factors Affecting Coverage and Adequacy (2013); and The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Inequality and Poverty in Low-income Countries: Applying the Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Framework to Ghana and Tanzania (2016); Applied Research Concerning Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Systems of Social Protection (2014), and National Survey on Child Marriage (2016). She is currently leading a study to assess the impact of Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) on Women Empowerment, and is collaborating with UNICEF on a study to assess the impact of CCTs and youth wellbeing and transition to adulthood. She also worked with UNICEF on other studies including a study to map social protection initiatives in Zanzibar to contribute to the development of the Implementation Plan for Zanzibar Social Protection Policy (2015) and worked with Child Frontiers and UNICEF on Community Consultations to Support the Development of an Integrated Child Policy for Zanzibar (2016). In 2015 she worked with Indevelop (a reputable Swedish Firm) to conduct an End of Program Evaluation of Forum Syd’s Social Accountability Program in Tanzania (SAPT) 2010-2014. Since 2014 she has also been working in the design and implementation of the study on Mobile Phone Ownership for Women as a Catalyst for Development in Tanzania; a study which attracted financial support by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the scale up phase in 2016-2017. Flora has published most of the completed studies through reputable International Journals including The Oxford Development Studies, Global Social Policy and African Development Review.