World Bank

Dr. Bidemi Carrol is currently an extended-term consultant with the World Bank, where she holds the position of Human Development Specialist. Prior to this position, she was the Regional Director of the International Rescue Committee's LEGACY Initiative, which is an education program that works to transform education for children and youth in Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In that role, Bidemi focused on education policy, research and advocacy. Prior to joining the IRC in 2007, Dr. Carrol worked at the Education Policy and Data Center in Washington, DC where she led the Centre's education policy and data analysis work.

Bidemi has worked with government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and research institutes across Africa on education policy issues. In Sierra Leone, she was part of the team from the Ministry of Education that wrote the Country Status Report on Education and the Education Sector Plan in 2007. More recently, she was a member of the Policy Technical Committee, appointed by the Minister of Education, to finalize the 2010 Sierra Leone National Education Policy and a member of the core working group of the Global Compact on Learning (GCL) Research Task Force (RTF) set up by the Brookings Institution. Bidemi holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Ph.D. in Education from Stanford University.

Bidemi Caroll