Aflatoun started in Mumbai, India where in 1991 as an action research project by Jeroo Billimoria, working at the Tata School of Social Studies. They began working with schools to bring rich and poor children together to learn about each others’ lives. The global era began in 2005 when Aflatoun (Child Savings International) incorporated in Amsterdam. Jeroo, now a globally recognized social entrepreneur, used her Skoll Foundation Award to bring social and financial education to the world. To test whether the programme would work outside India, organisations in ten countries launched the programme. Once the Aflatoun programme model was developed, a Campaign for Social and Financial Education was launched in March 2008 by Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. The campaign’s ambitious goals were to reach one million children in 75 countries within three years and these targets were exceeded. In 2011, Aflatoun broadened its curriculum offering by providing a programme for youth called Aflateen. It also announced that its new strategic targets would be 10 million children reached by 2015.