Media Coverage
October 16, 2019

On October 14, 2019, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer were announced as winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. IPA is mentioned in the article as a leader in the movement of impact evaluations they pioneered. IPA traces its beginnings to their work, having been founded by Duflo's first graduate student to enable researchers to conduct randomized controlled trials more easily and effectively. In this article for NPR's Goats and Soda section, Nurith Aizenman provides an overview of the impact that the winners, their colleagues, and organizations like IPA have had on the world. The article highlights the researchers' collaborations with IPA on topics such as microcredit and teaching at the level of the child, and also cites the influence of their approach on more recent research including cash benchmarking in Rwanda. The full article is available here.