Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), through its Human Trafficking Research Initiative (HTRI), is funding new research to advance the understanding of what works to reduce trafficking and ultimately inform current policies and practices.

From IPA’s experience developing and carrying out more than 900 randomized evaluations, we know that strong research partnerships and high-impact studies take time and effort to build. To generate a more expansive pool of high-quality research proposals focused on human trafficking, HTRI supports early-stage activities to develop partnerships and carry out exploratory research as well as larger-scale studies evaluating the effectiveness of current or planned counter-trafficking interventions. Funded projects include seed grant funding for pilot studies, exploratory and descriptive work, and travel grants, as well as partial and full funding for randomized evaluations and (in limited cases) quasi-experimental evaluations. Examples of research projects receiving HTRI funding can be found here.

Seed Funding Opportunities:

Seed funding rounds 1 and 2: CLOSED. Thank you to all who submitted applications.
Seed funding round 3: anticipated winter/spring 2023.

Full Research Project Opportunities:

Full research project rounds 1 and 2: CLOSED. Thank you to all who submitted applications.

Thank you to all who have submitted applications to HTRI. To learn more about the HTRI Competitive Research Fund or check on the status of an active application, please get in touch with us by emailing the HTRI team.