February 19, 2015

Inspired by previous years, it started out innocently enough:

Hey @charlesjkenny are we doing #developmentvalentines again this year?

— Timothy Ogden (@timothyogden) February 12, 2015

I support it RT @timothyogden: Hey @charlesjkenny are we doing #developmentvalentines again this year?

— Tom Murphy (@viewfromthecave) February 12, 2015

Valentine, you did benchmark your love for me against unconditional cash right? #developmentvalentines

— Timothy Ogden (@timothyogden) February 13, 2015

Hey girl, let's put our difference-in-differences aside and admit that we were both in standard error #developmentvalentines

— Rohit (@Noompa) February 13, 2015

My love for you is like the Sachs vs Easterly debate: fiery, sometimes irrational, and never-ending #DevelopmentValentines

— Erin Hohlfelder (@Global_ErinH) February 14, 2014

Hey girl, I'm not afraid of commitment. Or commitment contracts for that matter. #developmentvalentines

— Rohit (@Noompa) February 13, 2015

Because I'm all about that Baseline #Developmentvalentines #Soundtrack

— IPA (@poverty_action) February 13, 2015

Why is everyone talking about M&E, when all I want to talk about is Me&U #developmentvalentines

— Amy Kalmbach (@amybkalm) February 13, 2015

.@poverty_action My love for you is so significant, I'm seeing *** #developmentvalentines

— US Household Finance (@IPA_US) February 13, 2015

Valentine, with your treatment effect, I don't need no control group. #developmentvalentines

— William Easterly (@bill_easterly) February 13, 2015

Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I'll be watching you & recording treatment impact #developmentvalentines

— IPA (@poverty_action) February 13, 2015


At the same time, another line of valentines was going on, started with our friends at ideas42 around behavioral economics (BE): 


Hey @poverty_action we're in if you are... #behavioralvalentines pic.twitter.com/RmhlGxCLvb

— ideas42 (@ideas42) February 13, 2015

.@timothyogden @charlesjkenny @viewfromthecave You anchor me and let's never adjust #behavioralvalentines #developmentvalentines

— IPA (@poverty_action) February 13, 2015

I don't want you, but I'd hate to lose you #behavioralvalentines @ideas42

— Katy Davis (@davisk1000) February 13, 2015

Think fast, girl, I love you. No need to activate System 2. #behavioralvalentines @ideas42 @poverty_action

— Justin Milner (@jhmilner) February 13, 2015

I love you more than economists love simplifying psychology #Behavioralvalentines

— IPA (@poverty_action) February 13, 2015

.@ideas42 @poverty_action unlike my rationality, my love for you knows no bounds #behavioralvalentines

— US Household Finance (@IPA_US) February 13, 2015

Baby, I'm having more trouble waiting for you than a kid for a second marshmallow #BehavioralValentines #DevelopmentValentines @ideas42

— IPA (@poverty_action) February 13, 2015


But we can all agree this was the most important tweet of the day:


Someone needs to get @poverty_action's communications person a raise. #developmentvalentines

— Neha Paliwal (@nehapl) February 13, 2015