November 20, 2017

Here are some of our favorite recent podcasts to make your holiday travels a little easier - enjoy!


General Podcasts You Can Count On:

  • Rough Translation - From NPR's long time East Africa correspondent, it takes a question we're grappling with in the U.S. (like fake news), and then hops over to another culture to see how the same question is being dealt with completely differently there (Web, Apple).


  • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - a fun panel show of experts, often social scientists, being quizzed on curious facts they know nothing about (Web, Apple).


  • More Perfect - from Radiolab with the same sound design/producing, it looks at the stories behind landmark Supreme Court cases. If something gets to the Supreme Court, there's probably more nuance to the issues than you've heard, and they do it with the fun storytelling you'd expect from the Radiolab crew (Web, Apple). 


  • The Uncertain Hour from Marketplace dives into the story behind current policy. Last season looked into the social safety net, this season is about federal regulations (Web, Apple).


  • Circle of Willis - University of Virginia Neuroscientist of attachment and emotions Jim Coan talks with interesting researchers he likes (Web, Apple).
    • In particular look at the Lisa Feldman Barrett bonus material espisode, in which she talks about fighting the inherited paradigm in her field, and Eli Finkel talking about how ideas of marriage have changed over time alongside economic systems.


  • Four Questions - Alice Evans interviews other experts on poverty and global affairs (SoundCloud, Apple
    • In particular look at the epsidoe with Yuen Yuen Ang on how China escaped the poverty trap, and for the super geeky crowd, Rachael Meager's "Does Microfinance Work?" which is really talking about her work looking for the impact of microcredit across studies.


  • If you're (un?)fortunate enough to be traveling with kids, try the Stories Podcast (Web, Apple).


Specific Episodes:

  • Marketplace's explainer on how the Smoot-Hawley tariff made the depression worse and became the most viscous insult an economist can hurl. It all goes back to the Mormon Church and beets (Web, audio downloadable from there).


  • FT Alphachat with Anne Case (Web) and the bonus episode (on Apple, scroll back to "More from our interview with Anne Case," on May 28) for an even better talk on her career and engaging with critics online.


  • Three podcast episodes on disagreeing productively.
    • On the Black Goat Podcast episode "Disagreeing About Science," psychologist Simine Vazire, who won a BITSS award for her contributions to open science, talks with her colleagues talk about how to engage constructively with someone whose results you find suspect (Web, Apple).
    • Russ Roberts talks with the Libertarian Christian Podcast about his experience from 11 years of hosting Econ Talk about how to keep a conversation moving forward even when you disagree (Web, Apple).
    • On Econ Talk, Russ Roberts spokes with Bloomberg's Megan McArdle about internet shaming, and a possible alternative, respectful disagreement (Web, Apple).



  • Caitlin Tulloch from the International Rescue Committee talks about figuring out which programs help the most people per dollar. (Web, Apple).



  • NPR's How I Built This episode with Ben & Jerry (Web, Apple).


Got other ones to share? Leave them in the comments!