April 17, 2012

On Friday, Brooke Berman and I represented IPA’s U.S. Household Finance Initiative (USHFI) at the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell ceremony. The event followed a panel on “Ensuring Consumers' Financial Success through Innovation and Technology” as part of Financial Literacy Week (April 9-13). The panel was hosted by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), the supporting partner of our Borrow Less Tomorrow project, and it focused on leveraging technology to bring financial capability to scale in the workplace. The event highlighted two of IPA’s latest projects with partners HelloWallet and Clarifi. USHFI was honored to share this experience with our research partners. Happy Financial Literacy Week, everyone!

IPA's Brooke Berman and Rebecca Rouse at the NYSE

A video of the closing bell and an accompanying article from the NYSE is available here.

For more, read CFSI’s press release here.