Peace & Recovery Program

P&R's sixth call for proposals is now closed. Awards will be announced in February 2021.
The Peace & Recovery Program, supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF), supports field experiments and related research on reducing violence and fragility, promoting peace, and preventing, managing, and recovering from crises.  

Research Methods Initiative

In December 2020, IPA announced two parallel funding strands, one focused on validating measures of soft skills (RFP can be found here) and one focused on innovative and advanced research methods (RFP can be found here). To read about the projects funded to date see here, and check back in this space for future updates.

Women’s Work, Entrepreneurship, and Skilling (WWES) Initiative

In response to the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and girls, IPA launched the Women’s Work, Entrepreneurship, and Skilling (WWES) Initiative as part of RECOVR (Research for Effective COVID-19 Responses). The WWES Initiative combines data collection efforts, research projects, and policy work, focusing on two key themes: (1) women's work, entrepreneurship and time use and (2) youth skilling and school-to-work transitions. Our Request for Proposals will support piloting, data collection, analysis, dissemination, and policy engagement activities. The deadline to submit a proposal is January 27, 2021.