These Stata modules for data collection and analysis were developed at IPA and are available through the Boston College Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive, provided by RePEc


  • odkmeta creates a do-file to import ODK data, using the metadata from the survey and choices worksheets of the XLSForm.


  • truecrypt mounts or dismounts a TrueCrypt volume from within Stata.


  • cfout compares the dataset in memory (the master dataset) to a using dataset. It uses unique ID variables to match observations. cfout optionally saves the list of differences to file.


  • readreplace modifies the dataset currently in memory by making replacements that are specified in an external dataset, the replacements file.


  • stgit retrieves information about a Git repository.


  • dtanotes adds useful metadata as dataset notes.


  • orth_out produces summary stats tables and orthogonality tables. orth_out is useful in testing balance of means across variables in multiple groups, particularly the balance of baseline characteristics across multiple treatment arms of an experiment or randomized control trial.