Throughout the survey process, the IPA Research and Knowledge Management (RKM) Department is available as a key resource for project staff in the field. In support of projects, RKM:

  • Ensures high-quality research design, questionnaire design, data collection, data management, and data analysis by creating and sharing resources, networking and coordinating IPA staff discussion
  • Supports staff and researchers in maintaining compliance with human subjects regulation (see IRB requirements)
  • Captures, develops and disseminates IPA’s institutional knowledge while overseeing IPA’s global management of knowledge resources as they pertain to the documentation and storage of key project information, including questionnaires, data, and analysis files
  • Facilitates staff development by coordinating global staff training events and supporting other staff learning opportunities in country programs, for high-quality projects and the pursuit of professional learning objectives
  • Supports trial registry and data publication for completed projects (further details about Trial Registry and IPA Data Repository use here)

IPA Questionnaire Repository

IPA’s Research and Knowledge Management Team maintains a questionnaire repository, collecting and organizing data collection instruments of completed projects. In this way IPA builds on its previous experience, always moving towards its goal of collecting the most accurate and high quality data.
IPA staff members who develop surveys for new projects can access this accumulated expertise, reviewing multiple ways to measure household consumption, self-esteem, land use or a number of other frequently surveyed topics.
For more information or questions related to the Survey Module Database, contact


Random Help Google Group

Random Help is an external online forum available to IPA staff and Researchers. Random Help acts as a research support helpline for people working on randomized evaluations of development programs affiliated with J-PAL, IPA, CMF (and other IFMR centers), CERP, CEGA, and the extended RCT family. Questions pertaining to randomization, data entry, data management, and data analysis are regularly discussed on Random Help.

You can apply for membership to Random Help at this link.

Also, check out the IPA Information Tools and Resources for Staff.