Tracking how people’s lives are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can enable policymakers to better understand the situation in their countries and make data-driven policy decisions. To respond to this need, IPA has developed the RECOVR survey—a panel survey that will facilitate comparisons, document real-time trends of policy concern, and inform decision-makers about the communities that are hardest-hit by the economic toll of the pandemic.

IPA has rolled out the RECOVR survey in Burkina Faso, Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mexico, the Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Zambia, with other countries to come. The RECOVR survey will be run multiple times in each country, and the findings will be quickly shared with country-level decision-makers and posted here on the RECOVR Research Hub as they become available. We encourage others to consider using this instrument, or sections of this instrument, so that findings can be compared across contexts.

The survey has a core component that will be standard across countries, as well as additional modules that will be adapted in order to ensure the survey instrument is responsive to the demands of our partners in each country. Some of the key questions the survey aims to answer at the global level include:

  • What is the size and scope of the disruptions to government service provision due to COVID-19?
  • What is the extent of vulnerability across geographies and various demographics?
  • What proportion of people have experienced work disruptions due to COVID-19?
  • What describes the population most at risk of experiencing these disruptions? What kind of disruptions are most common?
  • What proportion of households with school-aged children are spending time on education since schools have been closed?
  • What proportion of people are skipping necessary healthcare due to COVID-19? What describes the population who are most at risk of skipping necessary healthcare?

Questionnaires for all active countries are publicly available and listed below:

In each country, the RECOVR Survey is the result of a coalition of researchers and partners. IPA researchers Elliott Collins, Doug Parkerson, and Shana Warren have developed the survey and are leading the research.

A similar survey, led by Mushfiq Mobarak and the Yale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale (Y-RISE), is being implemented by IPA in Bangladesh. 

The RECOVR survey is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Northwestern University's Global Poverty Research Lab, among other funders. To learn more, contact us.