COVID-19 has already disrupted community life and will surely alter community social dynamics for years to come. This project aims to identify and track over time citizens’ compliance with COVID-19 mitigation policies and their access to relief services in Kampala, Uganda. Building on an existing study in which certain residents were randomly assigned to attend meetings with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)—which is responsible for the city’s health centers, public schools, and other public services—researchers will survey the study’s representative sample of urban residents to understand patterns of rule compliance, uncover how the crisis alters patterns of intra-group and inter-group trust (using baseline information collected prior to the pandemic), and identify and track overtime populations that are vulnerable to disruptions caused by the pandemic. The ongoing randomized evaluation will also help researchers to understand how this compliance is shaped by contact with a key governmental institution. Embedding this COVID-19 survey into a data collection process that extends to 2021 will allow researchers to gain a long-term perspective on community resilience.

Funding for this project was provided by the UK Department for International Development, awarded through IPA's Peace & Recovery Program.

Study Type:
Randomized Evaluation
Impact Goals:
Improve women’s health, safety, and economic empowerment; Promote peace and safety, and improve humanitarian response; Reduce COVID-19 transmission rates
Outcomes of Interest:
Social capital (inter-group and intra-group); institutional trust and perceptions of political actors’ responsiveness; perceptions of COVID-19 infection risk; knowledge about COVID-19 transmission and mortality; perceptions of the possibility and consequences of being caught breaking official directives or community norms; experiences participating in citizen consultations with KCCA; compliance with official guidelines regarding COVID-19
Data Collection Mode:
CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing); SMS
Results Status: