This report presents an analysis of land and property conflicts in rural Liberia, using two recently developed sources of data: 1) qualitative data on land tenure and land conflict in Lofa County collected by the Norwegian Refugee Council’s (NRC) Monitoring and Evaluation team; and 2) quantitative baseline survey data on land tenure and land conflict in three rural counties collected by the Yale University / Innovation for Poverty Action evaluation of the Peace Education and Community Empowerment (PEACE) programme in Liberia. The purpose of this analysis is to examine why and how land conflicts develop and the effectiveness of different dispute resolution methodologies in resolving land conflicts. Insights developed through this analysis will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the NRC’s Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance project in Liberia and disseminated to inform the design and development of similar land and property dispute resolution programmes elsewhere in the world.

Alexandra Hartman
Publication type: 
November 01, 2010