The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program is focused on prevention, mitigation, responses to, and recovery strategies for most forms of social and political violence as well as humanitarian emergencies, including:

  • International and internal wars
  • State-supported violence and repression, from mass killings to police brutality
  • Electoral violence
  • Riots, protests, strikes, and other collective action (violent and nonviolent)
  • Intergroup violence, including ethnic and sectarian violence
  • Terrorism
  • “Recovery” responses after violence or destruction, such as after civil war or natural disaster
P&R's fifth call for proposals is now open. The deadline for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) is September 6, 2019.
Applicants are not required to submit an EOI in order to submit a full proposal, but are strongly encouraged to for three reasons:
  1. It will allow the P&R Program to let the applicant know whether the project may or may not be a good match for P&R before investing time in a full proposal.
  2. The P&R Program may grant travel or pilot funding based on EOIs and discussion with applicants before the full proposals are due.
  3. The P&R Program may be able to provide feedback to applicants. 
Further information about the program's core research themes and questions can be found in our Guiding Principles and Funding Priorities document. Please email with any questions.
A list of full and pilot projects P&R has funded to date can be found here.
Dates for Round V:
July 2019: Competitive round announced, EOI form released
September 6, 2019: EOI deadline
October 15, 2019: Responses to EOIs released
December 6, 2019: Full proposal submission deadline
January 2019: Awards announced