IPA Accepting Research Proposals for COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, IPA's Peace & Recovery Program is accepting off-cycle proposals, capped at $50,000, for time-sensitive research or additions to research projects that study or support the COVID-19 response. This funding window could support projects that: 

  • Generate new data to directly inform the COVID-19 response of committed partners
  • Evaluate interventions that are expected to improve COVID-19 response or recovery
  • Add a module to an existing survey in order to track COVID-19 exposure or response
  • Add a treatment arm that may support communities' resiliency in response to COVID-19
  • Anonymize, curate, and share already-collected data quickly so that it can be used for decision-making by the humanitarian community
  • Conduct a “downstream survey" that follows up on a sample that participated in an already-completed randomized trial in order to identify whether the intervention studied has an impact on the communities' response to COVID-19

Successful applicants will have a research team or staff that has the necessary experience to study the emergency response. As a result, interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. 

The above are examples of potential types of projects, but the Peace & Recovery Program is open to receiving all proposals that fit within the goals and methods outlined in our Guiding Principles. Interested applicants can submit an Expression of Interest here. Expressions of Interest will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

More information about this funding call can be found here.

The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program supports field experiments and related research on reducing violence and fragility, promoting peace, and preventing, managing, and recovering from crises. The program prioritizes studies that develop, illustrate, or test fundamental theories of peace, violence, and recovery, especially those that challenge common beliefs, pioneer innovative interventions, and produce evidence where little currently exists. Topics of study include:

  • International and internal wars
  • Peacebuilding 
  • State-supported violence and repression, from mass killings to police brutality
  • Electoral violence
  • Riots, protests, strikes, and other collective action (violent and nonviolent)
  • Intergroup violence, including ethnic and sectarian violence
  • Terrorism and violent extremism 
  • Forced displacement
  • “Recovery” responses after violence, conflict, or natural disasters 

P&R supports full randomized trials, pilot studies, exploratory and descriptive work, travel grants, and (in rare but deserving cases) quasi-experimental evaluations. Funding for the Peace & Recovery Competitive Fund comes from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF). 

P&R's fifth call for proposals is now closed.

Further information about the program's core research themes and questions can be found in our Guiding Principles and Funding Priorities. Please email our team with any questions.

A list of full and pilot projects P&R has funded to date can be found here.