IPA’s Peace & Recovery program is designed to support field experiments and related research in several broad areas:

  • Reducing violence and promoting peace
  • Reducing "fragility" (i.e. fostering state capability and institutions of decision making)
  • Preventing, coping with, and recovering from crises (focusing on conflict, but also including non-conflict humanitarian crises)

The program supports research at all levels: individual, group, community, and country. Starting in 2017, with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), P&R will  not only support full randomized trials, but also pilot studies, exploratory and descriptive work, travel grants, and (in rare but deserving cases) non-experimental evaluations such as regression discontinuities. For more information, please read our Guiding Principles and Funding Priorities for the P&R program.

The funding for the Peace & Recovery Program will come from DFID, which has approved £12m of UK Aid to IPA and our partners at J-PAL. The funding includes an increase in support for J-PAL’s Governance Initiative and funding for new research, particularly experiments, in crime, violence, and conflict through J-PAL’s Crime and Violence Initiative and our Peace & Recovery program. DFID and J-PAL/MIT are in the final stages of negotiating an agreement for this.