For hundreds of millions of consumers globally, mobile phones have expanded access to financial services and products. While this has helped previously unbanked consumers manage their financial health, new risks are emerging particular to digital financial services, such as fraud targeting these mobile accounts, or debt stress from high-cost digital consumer lending.

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IPA is addressing consumer protection risks in digital finance through new methods of data analysis and rigorous testing of solutions through impact evaluations. IPA’s Consumer Protection Research Initiative has launched more than a dozen studies addressing risks as diverse as phishing scams in mobile money, overindebtedness in digital credit, and poor customer care mechanisms. By working with regulators, financial service providers, and civil society, we are building solutions that will ensure consumers are well-protected from new risks that emerge alongside financial innovations.

Research Areas

Fraud Icon: Caution Sign Triangle with Exclamation Point in the MiddleFraud 

As fraud and phishing attempts increase with the expansion of mobile and digital financial services, IPA is working to improve fraud monitoring and testing ways to protect consumers.

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Complaints Icon: Two Speech Bubbles Intersecting with Each OtherComplaints

Easy, accessible, and free ways to lodge consumer issues can increase usage and trust of digital financial services.

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Transparency Icon: Magnifying Glass Inspecting Line GraphTransparency and Product Information

Providing timely, accurate, and clear product information ensures consumers have the ability to compare and choose between financial products and services.

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Lending Icon: One hand giving a dollar bill to another person's handLending and Debt Stress

Credit is a key ingredient to economic growth, but poor debt management can harm consumer welfare. Identifying strategies to measure debt stress and overindebtedness can help lending institutions responsibly provide credit.

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Market Monitoring Icon: Computer monitor screen showing a line graph with an arrow trending upwardNew Tools for Market Monitoring

With the expansion of digital financial services comes an abundance of new data on consumer protection risks. This can help monitor the quality of consumer protection in financial services.

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