August 31, 2009

Microfinance institutions are often assumed to be socially oriented, but as the industry expands and more institutions enter, it becomes increasingly important to verify these claims.  Donors and social investors should require more than a mission statement and a few anecdotes to know whether an MFI is really reaching the poor.

Launched this past June by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and CGAP, and powered by MIX Market, the Social Performance Reporting Award recognizes MFIs that comply with the core SPTF social reporting requirements.

Two of IPA's partners in Peru were awarded the Gold Award for their reporting transparency. 

PRISMA is a long time partner of IPA, implementing a number of projects:

-Psychological Responses to Microfinance Loan Recovery Strategies,
-Cosignatory Requirement as a Barrier for Women Accessing Credit,
-Health Education for Microcredit Clients
-Valuing Trust in Poor Communities.

FINCA Peru is a partner in the implementation of Business Education for Microcredit Clients in Peru.