What does it take to build a world with more evidence and less poverty?

Over the last 15 years, IPA has learned that translating evidence into effective programs and policies that help the poor requires more than conducting rigorous research and sharing our findings—it requires proactive engagement and lasting partnerships with decision-makers, researchers, and practitioners.

Engagement with decision-makers is the glue that brings research together with the opportunities for real-world impact. At IPA, our approach to engagement consists of several ongoing activities:

  • We co-create evidence with researchers and policymakers. 
  • We craft relevant, clear, and targeted evidence reviews.
  • We use our convening power to influence global and local debates, and rally partners around using evidence.
  • We equip decision-makers to use evidence to improve the lives of the global poor.

Explore the map below to see some examples of IPA's ongoing policy engagement across the world.