Share of adults who saved at a formal financial institution in 2010
Gregory Dobbels
December 23, 2014
Sophie Ayling
December 22, 2014
In Peru, the average recipient of a conditional cash transfer payment has to travel five hours to get to the nearest bank branch or ATM, spending 10% of the payment in transportation costs along the way.  
Sneha Stephen, Pooja Wagh
December 17, 2014
In the past couple of decades, the world has experienced a radical shift in the way information is accessed and delivered. The technological revolution has made it possible for most people in rich countries and a significant number in poor countries...
Laura Burke
December 10, 2014
  Development policy should be redesigned to reflect new insights about human behavior, according to a new World Bank report. The report calls on the development community to shift its agenda based on new insights in behavioral economics, and...
Laura Burke
November 24, 2014
Since first appearing in March 2014 in rural Guinea, the Ebola virus has infected at least 17,800 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea and killed more than 6,300, according to figures from the Center for Disease Control from early December...
November 14, 2014
  Watanic Jabateh, an enumerator for IPA in Liberia, died on October 9, 2014. She was 25.  
November 12, 2014
Now Accepting Proposals: Competitive Research Fund on Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Growth
Heather Lanthorn
November 03, 2014
  Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Heather Lanthorn, a doctoral candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health, who worked on the SMS reminders for malaria study. After the data collection was complete, she conducted a qualitative follow-up...
Pooja Wagh, Beniamino Savonitto
October 23, 2014
    Uganda has one of the highest primary school drop-out rates in the world. Though the country abolished most primary school fees in 1997, a recent UNICEF report found that 81% of parents cited financial constraints as the reason why their...
Amber Davis
October 20, 2014
  In Uganda, nearly half of surveyed adults were unable to correctly answer a question about interest rates according to a recent Finscope study. When asked “If you were offered a loan with 5% monthly interest rate and a loan with 20% annual...
Ariela Alpert, Sarah Craig, Lucia Sanchez
October 06, 2014
  Editor's note: This piece originally appeared in The Broker Business training programs are a popular tool used by policy-makers to promote SME growth. However, recent evidence suggests that these programs rarely lead to firm growth or job creation...
Street vendors in Hyderabad, India
Aaron Dibner-Dunlap, Ayso van Eysinga
September 29, 2014
Nathanael Goldberg
September 23, 2014
September 18, 2014
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Ariela Alpert, Sarah Craig
September 15, 2014
Pitchaya Indravudh
August 07, 2014
  Editor's Note: This entry is cross-posted with the Georgetown School of Foreign Service's blog.  
Fatine Guedira
August 04, 2014
Ariela Alpert, Marina Turlakova
July 07, 2014
In developing countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are thought to be an important source of innovation and employment because of their flexibility in responding to new market opportunities and their potential for growth.