Delia Welsh
April 22, 2009
Check out two recent blog posts that describe the importance of experiments in making smart decisions about microcredit programs and other business ventures.
Thomas Chupein
Dean Karlan
April 20, 2009
This month's Atlantic Monthly has a controversial article about breastfeeding, specifically making arguments against breastfeeding.  The arguments are of two types.  One is social and normative, and the other is on the evidence.  My thoughts,...
Dean Karlan
April 13, 2009
This seems to be our week to blog about Bill Easterly's blog.  Although in this one, we aren't going to agree as much.  I was really excited to see his report about Women's Trust until I got to the final paragraph:
Angela Ambroz
Delia Welsh
April 10, 2009
We were pleased to see Bill Easterly highlight The Hunger Project, a partner of our's in Ghana, on his blog, Aid Watch.  In fact, it wasn't necessary for skepticism to take a full day off because there is a rigorous evaluation of the project ...
Malawian farmers gather around a computer to observe the fingerprinting technology used in the study.
Dean Yang
Meredith Startz
April 09, 2009
Banks in the developed world know a lot about applicants before deciding whether or not to lend them money. The transactions take place within a massive flow of detailed financial information including tax returns, credit scores, loan applications,...
Banking in the Philippines
Annie Duflo
March 03, 2009
A recent post from Alex in the Philippines addressed the common uses of microfinance loans, which leads logically to two follow-up questions.  How do we actually know with any certainty what microfinance clients do with their loans given that money...
Alex Bartik
February 26, 2009
A frequent question that I get from friends and family members about the microfinance projects I work on for IPA is, “What do people actually do with the loans?”
Dean Karlan
January 05, 2009
IPA is excited about the launch of its new website,, and with it, the introduction of the IPA blog. It is our aim with this blog to discuss both the process of conducting and the results of current policy research.  We hope...
Jonathan Morduch
December 22, 2008
Fast, convenient and easy: the holy trinity of marketing adjectives. Any product or service that can legitimately claim to be all three should sell itself, or at least catch on fast. This blend of attractive features underlies the enthusiasm around...