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Expanding Access to Finance for Small and Medium Businesses in Africa

Apr 07/15 | From the blog
by Ariela Alpert, Sarah Craig & Lucia Sanchez

Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Financial Inclusion

Mar 23/15 | From the blog
Editors Note: Our partner, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has asked us to share this announcement with the financial inclusion community.

What happens when a revolution breaks out during your study

Mar 19/15 | From the blog
by Nolwenn Gontard
Editor’s note: in October 2014 IPA’s West Africa programs director woke up at 5AM to his cell phone ringing and a staffer reassuring him “the Parliament is on fire, but don’t worry, everybody’s fine, we’re going to work from home today.” In a blog post below, intern Nolwenn Gontard from our Burkina Faso office writes about what it’s like when a revolution breaks out during your study.

'Understand clients': The major theme from a World Bank forum on microcredit

Mar 08/15 | From the blog
by Erin Scronce

Editors note: This post appeared originally on the World Bank Private Sector Development blog.

Access to Financial Services: Necessary but not Sufficient for Financial Inclusion

Mar 02/15 | From the blog
by Greg Dobbels, Pascaline Dupas, Sarah Green, Anthony Keats & Jonathan Robinson
Editor's note: This post appeared originally on the Making Finance Work for Africa site

This year's behavioral and development valentines, for your statistically significant other

Feb 19/15 | From the blog
by Jeff Mosenkis


Inspired by previous years, it started out innocently enough:

Making Change on a Mobile Handset

Feb 02/15 | From the blog
by Zahra Niazi and Amber Davis
Editor’s note: This cross-post appeared originally on here.

Can Agents Improve Conditional Cash Transfers in Peru?

Dec 22/14 | From the blog
by Sophie Ayling
Editors note: this cross-posting originally appeared on CGAP's site, here.
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