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Making Research Useful, Getting it Used: A Vision for Kenya

Jul 15/15 | From the blog
by Heidi McAnnally-Linz, Manager, External Relations

In June, our Kenya team signed an MOU with the Kenyan government Vision 2030 program to collaborate on research outreach and public policy forums, particularly on themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Export, Learn … Profit: A new randomized evaluation

Jul 10/15 | From the blog
by Ariela Alpert and Sarah Craig
Editors note: This is a cross-post with NextBillion.

Expanding Access to Finance for Small and Medium Businesses in Africa

Apr 07/15 | From the blog
by Ariela Alpert, Sarah Craig & Lucia Sanchez

Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Financial Inclusion

Mar 23/15 | From the blog
Editors Note: Our partner, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has asked us to share this announcement with the financial inclusion community.

What happens when a revolution breaks out during your study

Mar 19/15 | From the blog
by Nolwenn Gontard
Editor’s note: in October 2014 IPA’s West Africa programs director woke up at 5AM to his cell phone ringing and a staffer reassuring him “the Parliament is on fire, but don’t worry, everybody’s fine, we’re going to work from home today.” In a blog post below, intern Nolwenn Gontard from our Burkina Faso office writes about what it’s like when a revolution breaks out during your study.

'Understand clients': The major theme from a World Bank forum on microcredit

Mar 08/15 | From the blog
by Erin Scronce

Editors note: This post appeared originally on the World Bank Private Sector Development blog.

Access to Financial Services: Necessary but not Sufficient for Financial Inclusion

Mar 02/15 | From the blog
by Greg Dobbels, Pascaline Dupas, Sarah Green, Anthony Keats & Jonathan Robinson
Editor's note: This post appeared originally on the Making Finance Work for Africa site

This year's behavioral and development valentines, for your statistically significant other

Feb 19/15 | From the blog
by Jeff Mosenkis


Inspired by previous years, it started out innocently enough:

Making Change on a Mobile Handset

Feb 02/15 | From the blog
by Zahra Niazi and Amber Davis
Editor’s note: This cross-post appeared originally on here.
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