Ariela Alpert, Marina Turlakova
July 07, 2014
In developing countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are thought to be an important source of innovation and employment because of their flexibility in responding to new market opportunities and their potential for growth. However,...
Rachel Levenson
June 25, 2014
  Growing up in the California Bay Area with temperate weather year round, seasonality to me meant the difference between putting on a t-shirt or a light sweater in the morning. However, here in Eastern Zambia, seasonality affects a lot more than...
June 24, 2014
IPA founder Dean Karlan and Project Associate Nate Barker took a break from their work on Ultra Poor Graduation pilots to crunch some World Cup numbers for the New York Times' The Upshot. They suggest a utilitarian approach, ranking the teams in the...
May 29, 2014
  Editor’s note, this post originally appeared on the CFED blog here.   How effective would you like your mobile banking alerts to be? Last month, The New Yorker featured a snarky mobile banking program in a humor column by Kelly Stout. Personified...
May 28, 2014
  The US Household Finance Initiative at Innovations for Poverty Action is today introducing a new Twitter account, called @IPA_US. Contrary to what our handle might suggest, we will not be tweeting about our affinity for fragrant hops and craft...
Thomas Munthali
May 15, 2014
  IPA-Malawi, with support from Elana Safran from IPA's Washington, DC offices, trained technical members of the Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) in impact evaluation and results-based management. MEJN had requested the training in impact...
February 04, 2014
Last Tuesday, President Obama called for “a year of action” in his State of the Union, vowing to sidestep Congress as necessary to expand opportunity in America. A piece of his action plan that got little airtime – and a fumbled pronunciation during...
Julia Brown
January 22, 2014
  In the real world, we often find that consumers respond differently from the ways theories predict. The more we are able to conduct rigorous research to better understand what products are most effective, the better we will be at focusing...
Jeffrey Mosenkis
December 16, 2013
  We’ve long been fans of the charity rating organization GiveWell. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Farhad Manjoo explains   GiveWell studies charities the way a stock analyst might research companies. The group was founded in 2007 by Holden...
Pooja Wagh, Anna Cash
October 09, 2013
  Over at Yale, right around the corner from IPA, we recently sought to combat what PopTech calls “silos of excellence” – people in different fields working on the same problem from different perspectives, without communicating. At IPA, we work with...
Ali Ouedraogo
September 27, 2013
Editor’s note: This guest posting is by IPA intern Ali Ouedraogo.   Farmers in rural areas face many questions about their levels of productivity every year – how much fertilizer will they get to grow their crops? What emergency issues will they...
Dean Karlan
September 26, 2013
  This post originally appeared on The poor do not save as much as they would like. However, unlike their wealthier counterparts, the poor do not have access to a broad suite of products and services carefully designed and marketed...
Annie Duflo
September 25, 2013
  It is with great sadness that I write as IPA mourns those our community lost, along with the many others, in the Nairobi Westgate attack. We are all shocked by this tragic event.     Ravi Ramrattan, who had been a Project Associate for IPA Kenya...
Pooja Wagh, Beniamino Savonitto
September 13, 2013
This post originally appeared on Can a soap opera star with a knack for getting into trouble also be a good teacher? The answer is yes, at least in the prime-time South African television show Scandal!. Maletsatsi’s misadventures...
Jeffrey Mosenkis
August 21, 2013
  NPR’s Planet Money team had a tour-de-force of stories about cash transfers in the last few days. In the New York Times Magazine, on their Podcast, and in a This American Life story, they profile GiveDirectly, the charity IPA is evaluating, which...
August 07, 2013
  Following up on her keynote address at the Evidence on Innovations in Financial Capability conference in June, Ms. Carolina Trivelli, a researcher at the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos and former Minister of Development and Social Inclusion in...
Anna Cash
August 01, 2013
  On July 26, 2013, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)’s Financial Products Innovation Fund Working Group convened its second meeting in New York City. This meeting brought together researchers, financial institutions, policymakers, funders, and...
Beniamino Savonitto
July 22, 2013
This cross-post with the Center for Financial Inclusion's blog was written by Beniamino Savonitto, Project Director of the Citi IPA Financial Capability Research Fund.   The Financial Inclusion 2020 project at the Center for Financial Inclusion at...
Anna Cash
July 08, 2013
  We know that saving is supposed be our best bet for planning for the future, but could smart shopping for debt be more important?  According to Jonathan Zinman, Director of IPA’s US Household Finance Initiative (USHFI), “Despite all the focus on...
Rohit Naimpally
July 02, 2013
  For a short summary of Day 1 of the conference, click here.   Day 2 at the Evidence on Innovations in Savings and Payments conference in Kampala focused on the exciting sphere of mobile financial services. Topics covered included the use of mobile...