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Interrupting the Cycle of Hunger in Zambia

Jun 25/14 | From the blog
by Rachel Levenson
Growing up in the California Bay Area with temperate weather year round, seasonality to me meant the difference between putting on a t-shirt or a light sweater in the morning. However, here in Eastern Zambia, seasonality affects a lot more than just clothes: the vast majority of people are subsistence farmers, the economy is largely agrarian, and, because agriculture relies on the rains, there is only one harvest each year. 

Data for Dean Karlan's World Cup Rankings

Jun 24/14 | From the blog
IPA founder Dean Karlan and Project Associate Nate Barker took a break from their work on Ultra Poor Graduation pilots to crunch some World Cup numbers for the New York Times' The Upshot. They suggest a utilitarian approach, ranking the teams in the competition by which countries would benefit the most from a victory.

Testing Text Messages to Improve Financial Behavior

May 29/14 | From the blog
by Pamela Chan, CFED blog
Editor’s note, this post originally appeared on the CFED blog here.

US Household Finance Initiative joins Twitter

May 28/14 | From the blog
by The US Household Finance Initiative at Innovations for Poverty Action


MyRA: The Behavioral Breakdown

Feb 04/14 | From the blog
by IPA U.S. Household Finance Initiative

Image from Flickr user SalFalko

GiveWell and Evidence-based Philanthropy

Dec 16/13 | From the blog
by Jeff Mosenkis
We’ve long been fans of the charity rating organization GiveWell. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Farhad Manjoo explains

What Does “Better Banked” Mean?

Oct 09/13 | From the blog
by Anna Cash and Pooja Wagh

Remembering IPA Community Members Lost in Kenya Attacks

Sep 25/13 | From the blog
by Annie Duflo
It is with great sadness that I write as IPA mourns those our community lost, along with the many others, in the Nairobi Westgate attack. We are all shocked by this tragic event.  
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