Jeffrey Mosenkis
August 21, 2013
  NPR’s Planet Money team had a tour-de-force of stories about cash transfers in the last few days. In the New York Times Magazine, on their Podcast, and in a This American Life story, they profile GiveDirectly, the charity IPA is evaluating, which...
August 07, 2013
  Following up on her keynote address at the Evidence on Innovations in Financial Capability conference in June, Ms. Carolina Trivelli, a researcher at the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos and former Minister of Development and Social Inclusion in...
Anna Cash
August 01, 2013
  On July 26, 2013, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)’s Financial Products Innovation Fund Working Group convened its second meeting in New York City. This meeting brought together researchers, financial institutions, policymakers, funders, and...
Beniamino Savonitto
July 22, 2013
This cross-post with the Center for Financial Inclusion's blog was written by Beniamino Savonitto, Project Director of the Citi IPA Financial Capability Research Fund.   The Financial Inclusion 2020 project at the Center for Financial Inclusion at...
Anna Cash
July 08, 2013
  We know that saving is supposed be our best bet for planning for the future, but could smart shopping for debt be more important?  According to Jonathan Zinman, Director of IPA’s US Household Finance Initiative (USHFI), “Despite all the focus on...
Rohit Naimpally
July 02, 2013
  For a short summary of Day 1 of the conference, click here.   Day 2 at the Evidence on Innovations in Savings and Payments conference in Kampala focused on the exciting sphere of mobile financial services. Topics covered included the use of mobile...
John Branch
July 01, 2013
Foreign Policy’s July/August issue features a couple of interesting articles.    In “Can Silicon Valley Save the World?”, Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur question the effectiveness of the solutions popular among some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs...
Rohit Naimpally
June 25, 2013
  The Evidence on Innovations in Savings and Payments conference kicked off in Kampala, Uganda yesterday. Over the course of two days, researchers showcased results from recent evaluations in Africa on child and youth savings, the impact of...
Jeffrey Mosenkis
June 20, 2013
NPR’s Planet Money team had a great story on Morning Edition about clean water in Kenya and interviewed one of our field staff, Evan Green-Lowe about our Dispensers for Safe Water project. The story didn’t include all the numbers, but the relevant...
June 19, 2013
  IPA founder and president Dean Karlan was recently interviewed by Rumbo Economico, a Peruvian TV show focusing on economic issues. Watch video of the interview, divided into two parts, below.   Part 1:   Part 2:  
Claire Horrell
June 12, 2013
  The New York Times notes the resurgence of “ability grouping” in US elementary school classrooms:   Now ability grouping has re-emerged in classrooms all over the country—a trend that has surprised education experts who believed the outcry had all...
Camille Boudot
May 23, 2013
In Sub-Saharan Africa, most labor employed on the farm and in family enterprises is family labor. When we account for the time by family members on the farm and enterprise profits, we find that they are making less per hour than they would be making...
Alexandra Fielden
May 21, 2013
Women in the remote village of Markuny in Kenya are taking the lead and treating their families’ drinking water. This was not always the case; Markuny used to be one of the many places in the world where waterborne diseases are commonplace. Globally...
Beniamino Savonitto, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan
May 10, 2013
Does microcredit for the average poor borrower lead to welfare improvement through business investment, or does it fuel consumption and lead to cycles of high-cost debt? What is the best way to support the accumulation of savings for particular life...
Jeffrey Mosenkis
May 02, 2013
  IPA is pleased to talk about some new findings on the best way to help women in the aftermath of war. Our affiliate Chris Blattman has been working in northern Uganda, which is recovering from 20 years of war with Joseph Kony and the Lord’s...
Gautam Nair
April 10, 2013
  Americans don’t save enough. Richard Thaler, a behavioral economist at the University of Chicago, writes in the New York Times that we know how to make people save more for retirement. We need to make payroll retirement accounts available to...
Beniamino Savonitto, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan
March 28, 2013
Editor’s note: This cross-post with the Next Billion blog was written by Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan, who directs IPA’s Global Financial Inclusion Initiative, and Beniamino Savonitto, director of the Citi IPA Financial Capability Research Fund supported...
Alexandra Fielden
March 21, 2013
  To celebrate World Water Day, IPA’s Dispensers for Safe Water initiative is busting some water-based myths…   Myth 1: The human body is 90% water. Truth: The average adult human is actually somewhere between 55% and 75% water, which is still a...
Katie Parry
March 15, 2013
  All eyes were on Kenya in recent weeks during the run up to the election. The tension was of course understandable; this was the first election since more than 1,000 people were killed in the violence that broke out after Raila Odinga questioned...
Jeffrey Mosenkis
February 28, 2013
An article has been circulating that exposes the secret underpinning much of social science theory. Ethan Watters, who previously chronicled the spread of western-style mental illness around the world, now discusses a global flaw in behavioral...