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Shop Right: Loan Shopping for Consumer Financial Health

Jul 07/13 | From the blog
by Anna Cash
We know that saving is supposed be our best bet for planning for the future, but could smart shopping for debt be more important?  According to Jonathan Zinman, Director of IPA’s US Household Finance Initiative (USHFI), “Despite all the focus on asset management and asset-building, it seems to me that liabilities are where the money is for most American households.”

From Uganda: Savings and Payments Conference Wrap-Up, Day 2

Jul 01/13 | From the blog
by Rohit Naimpally
For a short summary of Day 1 of the conference, click here.

Foreign Policy Articles

Jun 30/13 | From the blog
by John Branch
Foreign Policy’s July/August issue features a couple of interesting articles. 

IPA and NPR on Safe Water and Behavior Change

Jun 19/13 | From the blog
by Jeff Mosenkis
NPR’s Planet Money team had a great story on Morning Edition about clean water in Kenya and interviewed one of our field staff, Evan Green-Lowe about our Dispensers for Safe Water project.

Dean Karlan Interview on Rumbo Economico

Jun 18/13 | From the blog
IPA founder and president Dean Karlan was recently interviewed by Rumbo Economico, a Peruvian TV show focusing on economic issues. Watch video of the interview, divided into two parts, below.
Part 1:

What Classrooms in New York Could Learn From Kenya

Jun 11/13 | From the blog
by Claire Horrell
The New York Times notes the resurgence of “ability grouping” in US elementary school classrooms:

Schoolchild in Kenya.

USAID and Dispensers for Safe Water Announce $5.5 million Partnership

May 20/13 | From the blog
by Alexandra Fielden

To address the global challenge of sickness from cholera, diarrhea and typhoid, Innovations for Poverty Action developed the chlorine dispenser system – a low-cost technology proven to dramatically increase rates of household water treatment, decreasing the burden of waterborne disease. Today, USAID’s Administrator, Rajiv Shah, announced an award from USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) to support the scale-up of the Dispensers for Safe Water program.

Evidence-Based Decision Making for Financial Inclusion: What Does it Take?

May 09/13 | From the blog
by Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan and Beniamino Savonitto

Does microcredit for the average poor borrower lead to welfare improvement through business investment, or does it fuel consumption and lead to cycles of high-cost debt? What is the best way to support the accumulation of savings for particular life goals like retirement, the education of one’s children, and financing lump sum investments in housing improvements and preventative healthcare? What types of information or training programs are most effective in enabling the poor to take sound financial decisions around their choice and usage of financial products?

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