February 18, 2013
So what if there was a credit card designed to save you money? That’s the idea behind a new credit card designed in partnership with IPA researchers. We know that credit cards make spending easy, but with our partner Neighborhood Trust Financial...
January 25, 2013
  Continuing CGAP’s blog series on practitioners’ takes on our Impact and Policy Conference in Bangkok, Gordon Cooper, head of Emerging Market Solutions at Visa shares his perspective. There to moderate a panel on financial inclusion, he talks about...
January 22, 2013
Our friends over at CGAP are starting a series of posts addressing policy research from the practitioner’s point of view.  In an ideal world policy researchers and practitioners would work closely - researchers want their insights used and...
Dean Karlan
January 10, 2013
  I have an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (link may require subscription), where I call for some respect for the U.S. Congress’ Fiscal Cliff idea. Congress, back in 2011, couldn’t agree on a budget, so came up with a way to force the hand of its...
Dean Karlan
December 28, 2012
Over on Freakonomics, IPA founder Dean Karlan, shares from his experience in his Economist’s Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving.  He goes through 5 bad habits we don’t even realize we have, like fooling ourselves into thinking we lived up to our...
Carmen Easterwood
December 26, 2012
  How do you go through life without a bank account? How do you save money? Cash your paycheck? Pay your bills? Life without a bank account limits your access to secure places to build up assets and links to other financial products like loans. In...
Carmen Easterwood
December 12, 2012
  Financing for global poverty reduction is changing. Formerly the domain of rich country development agencies and international organizations, philanthropic foundations and private investment are increasingly playing an important role in...
November 29, 2012
  Editor’s note: Russell Toth is a Lecturer in Economics at The University of Sidney. In this guest post he talks about research he presented at our Impact and Policy Conference.   How do we move from “proof of concept” to implementable programs in...
Joshua Blumenstock
November 12, 2012
  Editor’s note: Joshua Blumenstock is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington and a Post-Doctoral Associate at Yale University. In this guest post he talks about research he presented at our Impact and Policy Conference.     While...
Malawian farmers gather around a computer to observe the fingerprinting technology used in the study.
Dean Yang
Carmen Easterwood
November 09, 2012
  How do you offer a loan to a farmer that can provide no evidence of his credit history or even of his true identity? Microfinance institutions (MFIs) in developing countries face this question every day, as they work to extend credit to people...
Carl Brinton
November 08, 2012
You needed years of personal experience to pick a winner, they said. It was about trusting your gut, not the numbers. Building a team in baseball had long been the purview of salty scouts with decades of experience who had seen and delved into the...
Xavier Giné
November 05, 2012
  Editor’s note: Xavier Giné is a Senior Economist at the World Bank. In our continuing series, he talks about research he presented at the Impact and Policy Conference. Despite improvements in de jure rights to female political participation in...
October 22, 2012
  Editor’s note: Scott Guggenheim is a Social Policy Adviser at AusAID and participated in the Post-Conflict recovery panel at the Impact and Policy Conference held in Bangkok.   I came to the ADB, IPA and JPAL Impact and Policy Conference  as an...
October 16, 2012
  Editors note: Lakshmi Iyer is Associate Professor of Business Administration, and Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard Business School. In our continuing series, she discusses her presentation from our Impact and Policy Conference.   My presentation...
Heidi McAnnally-Linz
October 11, 2012
  In celebration of the International Day of the Girl, we’re highlighting a new project that explores if training Zambian girls in negotiation skills can positively impact their health and education. Zambian girls are three times as likely as boys...
David Yanagizawa-Drott
October 05, 2012
  Editor's Note: David Yanagizawa-Drott is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.  In this guest post he talks here about his research presented recently at our Impact and Policy Conference.   At the Impact...
Sarah Craig, Lucia Sanchez
September 27, 2012
What are the main barriers to growth for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in low- and middle-income countries?  How can programs be designed and targeted to more effectively address these barriers and promote entrepreneurship and SME growth? ...
Rebecca Rouse
September 21, 2012
  Editor’s Note: IPA's Rebecca Rouse (below, right) of our U.S. Household Finance Initiative, or USHFI, was on TV last week (video here) and gave two great talks this week at the 2012 Assets Learning Conference: Ideas into Action conference (...
Zachary Groff
September 21, 2012
  All the kids are back in school, and Students for Proven Impact (SPI) is poised for a big year around the world, with chapters already running at full speed at Yale University, St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, and the University of Ghana. New SPI...
September 14, 2012
  Rebecca Rouse, of our U.S. Household Finance Initiative (USHFI) was interviewed for local news in Duluth, M.N, about USHFI's work with local partner Lutheran Financial Services.