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MCC Impact Evaluation Conference

Jan 27/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Last Friday I attended the inaugural Impact Evaluation Conference at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. It was great hearing an exciting mix of new research fresh from leading academics, and ideas from various practitioners on the challenges of incorporating evaluation into public policy.

Is Microcredit now giving rise to Loan Sharks?

Jan 26/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus is scathing of for-profit microfinance in a recent New York Times op-ed.  

I never imagined that one day microcredit would give rise to its own breed of loan sharks.

But it has.

Notes from the field: Peru "Graduation" Pilot

Jan 20/11 | From the blog
by Adam Kemmis-Betty

This blog is cross-posted from the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program website. 

The Semiotics of Professor Email Signatures

Jan 19/11 | From the blog

One of the main responsibilities of an IPA Project Associate is communicating with the Principal Investigator on their project, being their eyes and ears on the ground. This Principal Investigator is typically a Professor at a US university. Chris Blattman provided some helpful advice a while back on how to email your professor.

How to Boost Demand for Rainfall Insurance

Jan 19/11 | From the blog

IPA Research Affiliate Xavier Gine has an article on the World Bank's finance blog discussing microinsurance for farmers. 

Conflict and Women's Empowerment?: Ghana Fieldwork Edition

Jan 16/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

We Can Do it Poster

World War II created a host of new opportunities for women in the United States to enter employment, replacing male workers who were in the military.

Fast forward to present day Ghana, where violence between the Mamprusis and the Kussassis tribes has led to a government ban on men travelling by motorcycle. 

Chennai Centre for Microfinance Conference

Jan 13/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Our friends at the Centre for Microfinance in Chennai held their 3rd Annual Conference last week on "Translating Research into Practice." Notes and powerpoints are available from their website, as well as some summary on their blog.

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