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Julian Jamison is Blogging

Jan 13/11 | From the blog

After a successful stint filling in for, IPA Research Affiliate Julian Jamison has started his own blog Tunes for Bears. Looking forward to reading!

How to get the federal government on a diet

Jan 12/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

The problem, Greenstone continues, is that the government simply doesn't have good data on what works and what doesn't. But there's a solution. "We should take one-half of 1 percent of funding for every program and use it for evaluation," he says.

The power of cash transfers?

Jan 12/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

The past eight years have seen at least 20 million Brazilians lifted from poverty, thanks to Lula's anti-hunger and income-transfer programmes. (The Guardian)

Biometric Technology and Loan Enforcement

Jan 07/11 | From the blog
by Arielle Salomon

Without a national system to track identity, lenders in developing nations are challenged by identity fraud, rendering the establishment of credit bureaus near impossible.

Biometric technology such as using computers to track identity with fingerprints may be a possible solution.   Xavier Giné, Jessica Goldberg, and Dean Yang’s research explores the use of fingerprinting in Malawi as a method of repayment tracking and loan enforcement. Check out the study summary here.

A little RSS Hiccup

Jan 06/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Apologies if you're reading us through an RSS reader and you just got swamped - we've been fixing some bugs and clearing up the back-end of our website and in the process re-sent every single blog post. Sorry!

Why microfinance research is not wrong?

Jan 06/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

A recent profile of work by John Ioannidis caused a bit of a stir, showing that most medical research is likely to be wrong due to publication bias and small samples.

An Inside Look: Innovations for Poverty Action in Ghana

Jan 04/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Ghana is home to one of IPA's largest country offices, managing a diverse set of research projects across agriculture, education, access to finance and health, and including a major scale-up initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Education. 

Notes from the field: Street youth rehabilitation in Liberia

Dec 27/10 | From the blog


Chris Blattman describes an update on one of his projects with IPA in Liberia:

Helen, the research assistant overseeing the targeting, surveying, and behavioral measurement emails me on progress:

…surprisingly none of our equipment disappeared and none of our enumerators were juked, harassed or hustled from.

Nudges for Development

Dec 22/10 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Sadly there was no randomized evaluation, so we can't be sure. But there are good reasons to believe that Malawi's national fertilizer subsidy scheme has been successful in increasing agricultural production.  

Malawi Chart

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