Do you design, lead, or fund programs to improve the lives of the poor? Then we would call you a decision-maker, and we want to work with you. Here’s how.

1. We can help answer your questions.
2. We can support you in using evidence to make your programs or policies as effective as possible.

Your donors may want to know what kind of impact your program has, and you may want to know how to make your programs more effective or cost effective, or you might want to understand how best to scale a solution that already has evidence behind it. This is the portal for you.

What research already exists?

What are effective programs in my country or sector? Visit our key findings.

Want to partner with us to evaluate your program and answer your questions?

Reach out to our Country Management teams in the appropriate countries here.

Should you do a randomized evaluation?

Read our FAQs on randomized evaluations and download our brief on running evaluations with IPA.

How can I improve my M&E system if I don't do a randomized evaluation?

Our Goldilocks Toolkit helps organizations and funders build “right-fit” monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems.

Interested in funding effective solutions?

Reach out to our project development team here.