Innovations for Poverty Action is committed to conducting high quality, ethical research. In this vein, IPA founded the IRB at IPA in 2007. IPA’s IRB supports IPA to consider ethical issues across all IPA projects and to ensure respect for and protection of human subjects participating in IPA research.
IPA IRB is diverse in affiliations and is composed of internal and external members. See the IPA IRB Member Biographies section for more information about current members. The IRB convenes on a monthly basis. For additional information on meeting dates, please see IPA IRB Meeting Dates.
To submit, download the relevant IRB Form and submit via the appropriate link in the right sidebar.
IRB approval is a fundamental part of IPA’s research quality protocols. IPA requires that all IPA implemented projects must be reviewed by a US or a similar IRB institution, as well as a nationally recognized (or equal) IRB in the country where research is taking place (if such an IRB exists) prior to commencing any human subject research activities. This process is required by the US federal regulations (45 CFR pt. 46). It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator and his/her collaborating researcher(s) to obtain approval from an Institutional Review Board and forward copies of the approval to IPA IRB. 

IPA’s IRB is available to review studies conducted by IPA Research Affiliates in any of the following situations:

  • where another institution is not providing a review.
  • where another institution chooses to defer to the IPA IRB as a primary approver. The institution will send IPA IRB an IRB Authorization Agreement on their institutional letterhead.
  • where the PI’s university, donor, or partner organization requires it.  In this instance, IPA IRB will review the study as a secondary approver pending the primary institution’s approval.

Studies that receive federal funding must be reviewed by an IRB registered with OHRP.  Institutions engaged in IPA research that is federally funded must file and maintain a Federalwide Assurance (FWA) with OHRP, identifying in the FWA the IRBs on which it is reliant.  In addition, the Institution must have in place a current IRB Authorization Agreement with the named IRB.

If you have any questions, please email