IPA IRB reviews protocols (Original Applications, Renewals, Amendments, and Exemptions) on rolling basis. For all minimal risk protocols, please allow a minimum of ten business days for an initial review of materials submitted. If all materials are complete at the time of submission, a decision letter can be processed as early as ten business days. However, IPA IRB often requests clarification on submitted materials and study design. Thus, please allow for additional time (we recommended submitting one month in advance of your scheduled project activities at a minimum).

For non-minimal risk protocols that need full board review, each project should allow for 60 days to process. All materials associated with a non-minimal risk protocol must be received no later than ten business days prior to the IRB meeting date to be included for review in that month's meeting. This applies to original applications, amendments and renewal for projects with non-minimal risk protocols. If materials are received less than ten business days prior to the next IPA IRB meeting, it will be placed for review in the following month. For questions, please email humansubjects@poverty-action.org.

The deadlines below are only relevant for those protocols which do not meet the criteria for expedited review. Please note these dates are subject to change.

Deadline for submission of materials
for IPA IRB full review 
(non-minimal risk studies)
COB = Close of Business
IPA IRB Meeting Dates
Wednesday, January 15 COB Thursday, January 30
Wednesday, February 12 COB Thursday, February 27
Wednesday, March 18 COB Tuesday, March 31
Wednesday, April 15 COB Thursday, April 30
Wednesday, May 13 COB Thursday, May 28
Wednesday, June 17 COB Tuesday, June 30
Wednesday, July 15 COB Thursday, July 30
Wednesday, August 12 COB Thursday, August 27
Wednesday, September 16 COB Wednesday, September 30
Wednesday, October 14 COB Thursday, October 29
Wednesday, November 4 COB Thursday, November 19
Wednesday, December 2 COB Thursday, December 17