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The project’s original goal was twofold: 1) To understand the experience of 3 different groups of G2P transfer beneficiaries—old age allowance, widows and disabled groups—as the direct transfers convert from cash payments to a digitized process of direct deposit into bank accounts. And 2) To partner with A2i (the government body tasked with the digitization process) to understand the beneficiaries' experience and to embed an efficient survey into the organization for future process monitoring. The project has now expanded to include a COVID-19 survey module to help capture the levels of awareness, knowledge and subsequent economic changes that COVID-19 has had on this vulnerable population. This enhanced data collection will enable IPA and A2i to understand payments in the context of the COVID response.

January 2020-June 2021
Implemented by IPA:
Impact Goals:
Build resilience and protect the financial health of families and individuals
Data Collection Mode:
CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
Results Status:
No Results Yet