Project Type:
Descriptive / Surveillance
Project Timeline:
March 2020-
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We are making publicly available the questionnaire used for the "Global Behaviors and Perceptions in the COVID-19 Pandemic" project, which collects data from a large-scale online survey about COVID-related behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, mental health, and more, covering respondents from more than 170 countries. The data was collected via snowball sampling starting March 20, 2020 through a survey instrument that was translated by volunteers into 69 languages. The project offers a unique snapshot on the evolution of behaviors and perceptions about the pandemic on a global scale in the early and accelerating phases of the COVID-19 outbreak. More data collection is ongoing. Please cite as: Fetzer, T., Witte, M., Hensel, L., Jachimowicz, J.M., Haushofer, J., Ivchenko, A., Caria, C., Reutskaja, E., Roth, C., Fiorin, F., Gomez, M., Kraft-Todd, G., Goetz, F., & Yoeli, E.. Global Behaviors and Perceptions in the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Questionnaire Stage:
Fielded, Data Collection in Progress
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May 01, 2020