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Project Description:
To understand the impact of COVID-19 on our study area, we collect phone survey data (to minimize in-person interactions) from households and enterprises. These phone surveys measure economic, health and behavioral change outcomes for households and enterprises targeted in Egger et al (2019). We also bring in a sample of additional households and enterprises based on a recent census activity to ensure our sample is representative for the entire study area as recently as possible. This census tracked all 70,000 households and 20,000 enterprises in the area, providing an up-to-date representative sample of households and firms. Through household phone surveys, we collect variables on economic, social, and health behaviors and symptoms for each household, as well as indicators for the wider economy. We also collect data on up-to-date health policies and restrictions in the area. Household phone surveys take approximately 30 minutes. To keep the survey brief, some sections of the survey are skipped for a random subset of households. Enterprise phone surveys include information on closures, revenues, profits, and number of employees. Surveys take approximately 15 minutes.
Project Type:
Randomized Evaluation
Project Timeline:
April 2020-July 2020
Data Collection Mode:
CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
Researchers (*corresponding author):
Program Area:
Questionnaire Stage:
Baseline Completed, Data Collection Completed
Questionnaire File Type:
Coded form
Questionnaire Language:
English, Kiswahili, Luo
Questionnaire Usage Notes:
For the Phone Survey (first Google Sheet): In "Choices" tab, choices for sublocation, village, and fo have been removed for privacy. These need to be added for SurveyCTO code to compile. For the Enterprise Survey (additional Google Sheet): This is the Enterprise survey meant to survey Household members who own enterprises about their business activities.
Respondent Population Characteristics:
Adults, Rural only, Households, Farmers, Small and medium business owners
Last Updated On:
June 03, 2020