PhD Candidate
Harvard University

Zeina Ali Siam is a PhD candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, health systems track. Siam obtained her Masters in Epidemiology and Statistics from Harvard University, after acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Biological Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Siam possesses extensive experience in health systems strengthening within the Middle East and North Africa Region. Prior to joining Harvard, Siam was an officer at the WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office in Cairo. She was a member of the financing and governance team. Her work included reviewing and assessing the functions and operations of the health planning departments within the Ministries of Health of the 22 countries, as well as developing evidence-based capacity building programs on the matter. Apart from her work at the WHO, Siam has been a consultant at the World Bank, and Microclinic International, and is a former fellow at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights. Siam has been part of the organizing team of the Arab Weekend at Harvard for four rounds.