Assistant Professor
Georgetown University

Yuhki Tajima is Assistant Professor in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a core faculty member of the Asian Studies Program. He is currently completing a book entitled The Institutional Origins of Communal Violence: Indonesia's Transition from Authoritarian Rule (Cambridge University Press: In Press) and has authored articles in The American Journal of Political Science, The Journal of East Asian Studies, and The World Bank Indonesian Social Development Papers.

His research examines communal violence, insurgencies, post-war societies, criminal gangs, and the political economy of development using qualitative (extensive fieldwork) and quantitative (experimental and quasiexperimental) methods. His work has been supported by The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, Innovations for Poverty Action, The Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, and The Pacific Rim Research Program.

Dr. Tajima was previously Assistant Professor of Political Science at The University of California, Riverside and an Order, Conflict, and Violence Fellow at Yale University's MacMillan Center for International Affairs. He has consulted extensively with the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme and was a researcher at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He holds a PhD in Public Policy and an MPA in International Development from Harvard University and a BA in Physics from Swarthmore College.