Assistant Project Scientist
University of California, Berkeley

I received my PhD in economics from UC Berkeley in May 2011. I spent a year in Kenya working under professors Michael Kremer and Clair Null as a postdoctoral researcher for Emory University on a large randomized controlled trial run by Innovations for Poverty Action in western Kenya (the WASH Benefits project.) Then I spent two years as a post-doc/visiting prof at Swarthmore College, teaching, writing up work from Kenya, and starting a project on food stamps (ongoing). Presently I am working as a project scientist for the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS).

I am broadly interested in issues related to causal inference in applied micro-econometrics, research design and program evaluation, with a focus on applications in labor economics and development economics, and child health interventions more specifically. The lead chapter of my dissertation was on the effect of war deaths of US soldiers on local military recruiting. I enjoy teaching a great deal--labor economics or development economics with an applied econometric angle, or just plain stats and econometrics are my favorite to teach.