Associate Professor
Tufts University

Edward D. Kutsoati received his Ph.D. from Queen's University in 1999, and B.A. in Math and Economics from the University of Ghana. He joined Tufts in October 1998. He is primarily interested in applied microeconomics - with a focus on incentives in organizations and macro-policy games. Some of his current research includes analyses of financial analysts' forecasts of earnings per share, performance contracts for central bankers, and the impact of managerial skills on human capital investments and worker-productivity.

Professor Kutsoati's recent publications include "Learning-by-doing and Product Innovation by a Durable-Good Monopolist" (with J. Zabojnik) in theInternational Journal of Industrial Organization; "Debt-Contingent Inflation Targets and Contracts" in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; and "The Evolution of Managerial Expertise" (with D. Bernhardt and E. Hughson), which will be published in the American Economic Review.