November 13, 2009

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Slate Magazine have highlighted work by IPA researchers that has found the effectiveness of text message reminders in encourage people to save. (Check out the project here, here, and here!) 

Now, a new website,, allows you to sign up for your very own text message savings reminders.  The website promises that you will "receive a daily reminder, quote or suggestion on saving money every day" and even solicits tips and quotations for users that will be incorporated into the service. 

This reminds me of the "learn a new word a day" e-mail I once subscribed to.  I signed up with the best of intentions to increase my vocabulary and communication prowess, but eventually the daily e-mails just became one more bit of the information overload already jamming my inbox.  Is a daily reminder to save so frequent that it becomes useless? Has anyone signed up for this service yet?