Media Coverage
July 08, 2010

IPA Researcher Chris Blattman's evaluation of an intervention aimed at Street Youth in Liberia is covered by the BBC's The World program. 

Listen to the audio here, including interviews with Liberia Country Director Tricia Gonwa and Professor Blattman.

"So you're asking: How does somebody recover from being conscripted and having to kill their family members. And I think recover is the wrong word. You don't... Recovering is not the goal. It's like when people ask me, so, how is alleviating poverty? How's that going? You have to actually narrow it down to something very specific that you want to achieve. For example, today, these kids, they're very poor. But today I want them to be able eat two meals, or I want them to be able to sleep under a roof and I know a way to make that happen."

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