November 01, 2012
We are very excited to announce that our Dispensers for Safe Water initiative has been awarded the Stone Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Water. The prize was awarded by the Stone Family Foundation as the outcome of a competition which began in May. An astounding 175 water initiatives from 37 countries competed, and the review included assessment by an international panel of water experts as well as an on-the-ground evaluation.
The DSW initiative was chosen based on the program's innovative model and proven impact. This is a tremendous validation of IPA's approach to incubating programs founded on rigorous research evidence, and supporting innovative efforts to further develop promising interventions and take them to scale. It also demonstrates the potential for DSW's continued success as we mark the next phase in the program's evolution.
We'd like to congratulate the DSW team, the Kenya and Uganda Country Programs, the chlorine dispenser researchers and everyone at IPA's headquarters who has supported the work which made this achievement possible!  You can read more about the prize, and other projects cited at