Ricardo Morel presenting MCCT results
On February 19, IPA Myanmar Country Director, Ricardo Morel presented results of a study on maternal and child cash transfers (MCCT) at a stakeholder workshop in Yangon. The workshop was organized by the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) for government representatives, donors, and partners to discuss approaches to social and behavioral change communication (SBCC), specifically linked to MCCT to contribute to shared learning and collaboration to inform policy and implementation. The event provided an opportunity to review some of the recent evidence from Myanmar which shows the impact that a combined package of  MCCT and SBCC can have on nutrition outcomes. LIFT also shared the findings of a collaborative review that looks at the different modalities for  SBCC and what the implications are for supporting a sustainable and Government-led approach. The event's presentations, panel, plenary discussions brought together key SBCC and MCCT stakeholders working in support of government-led MCCT-SBCC programs for technical discussions to inform policy and programming.
Yangon, Myanmar
February 19, 2020
On February 18, IPA, Fundación Capital and the Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico will co-host a three-part event featuring results from a randomized evaluation of Fundacion Capital's LISTA para ahorrar Program.
Lima, Peru
February 18, 2020
On February 14, IPA Executive Director Annie Duflo spoke on a panel with Charles Bresler (The Live You Can Save) and Lucia Tian (ACLU) at the Yale Philanthropy Conference. The conference theme was "Data-Driven Impact: Evidence-Based Approaches to Improve Outcomes" and focused on how organizations like IPA are using evidence to ensure that programs and policies aimed at bettering the lives of others are more impactful.
New Haven, United States
February 14, 2020
On February 12, IPA Francophone West Africa presented midline results of a Nutrition-Focused Livelihoods Program on Child Health and Nutrition in during an impact evaluation workshop at the European Union in Brussels. Policy & Project Development Coordinator Arthur Sagot-Duvauroux, researcher Andrew Dillon, and Regional Director Claudia Casarotto presented on the results.
Brussels, Belgium
February 12, 2020
Nasreena presenting at the Senate
IPA Philippines Country Director, Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri, presented at a knowledge-sharing forum on the Philippines' K-12 education curriculum organized by the Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department (CPBRD) and the Senate Economic Planning Office (SEPO). The two events were conducted in partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), with high-level presenters from the Department of Education and the Asian Development Bank. On January 29, a forum was held at the House of Representatives in Quezon City attended by legislators of the lower house. On February 6, a second forum was held in the Philippine Senate in Pasay City attended by senators of the Philippines as well as the National Economic Development Authority. These two events are part of a series of knowledge-sharing forums to discuss the need for and the design of a National Evaluation Policy to be passed by the House of Representatives and the Philippines' Senate.
Manila, Philippines
January 29, 2020, February 06, 2020
On February 4, the Vice-Presidency of the Dominican Republic through the Cabinet for Coordination for Social Policy (GCPS), celebrated the first "Forum for the Design of Public Policy Based on Evidence." The event gathered policymakers in the social protection sector and aimed to identify areas of research needs within six broad policy areas: education, early childhood development, health, intimate partner violence, financial inclusion, and youth employment.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February 04, 2020
Peru IPV Presentation
IPA Peru, Erica Field (Duke University), and Ursula Aldana (Institute of Peruvian Studies) met with the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Patricia Carolina Rosa Garcés Peralta, to discuss the results of a pilot of group sessions focusing on domestic violence in rural areas in Peru. In cooperation with the UK Embassy, Duke University, and the Institute of Peruvian Studies, IPA is running a qualitative evaluation of a community-level prevention campaign consisting of gender-segregated group sessions for adults to discuss gender inequality, women’s empowerment, domestic violence, and family relationships. The meeting was followed by a field visit to observe female and male sessions in the San Martin district.
Armayari and Lima, Peru
January 30, 2020 - February 01, 2020
On January 16, 2020, IPA hosted an interactive webinar on "The Skills We Really Need: The Impacts of a Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship Program for Secondary School Students in Uganda." In this webinar, Laura Chioda (World Bank) and Paul Gertler (University of California, Berkeley) presented on the 4-year findings from a randomized evaluation in Uganda of the Educate! Experience program, a social leadership and entrepreneurship skill development program targeting students during the last two years of secondary school. Meghan Mahoney and Hawah Nabbuye (Educate!) presented on the program and Educate!’s motivation for the evaluation, and Heidi McAnnally-Linz (IPA) moderated a discussion and Q&A following the presentations.
Webinar, United States
January 16, 2020
On January 15, IPA Peru Deputy Country Director, Sergio de Marco presented on "Effective Approaches to Improve Financial Inclusion in Vulnerable Groups" at a workshop co-organized by the World Bank and Peru's Comisión Multisectorial de Inclusión Financiera. The objective of this workshop was to share best practices and recent evidence related to interventions aimed at improving the financial inclusion of vulnerable groups and to deepen the discussion on effective public policies. La Política Nacional de Inclusión Financiera reconoce la importancia de incorporar en un sistema financiero formal a los grupos vulnerables del país a fin de mejorar su bienestar económico a través de los beneficios que genera dicha inclusión. El objetivo de este taller es presentar buenas prácticas y evidencia reciente relacionada a la implementación de acciones clave para la inclusión financiera de grupos vulnerables a fin de enriquecer la discusión en torno al desarrollo de políticas públicas efectivas. 
Lima, Peru
January 15, 2020
The Supreme Court of the Philippines invited IPA for a courtesy call with the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Philippines, Honorable Diosdado M. Peralta, to introduce IPA and to provide a briefing on the ongoing IPA Supreme Court engagement. Court Administrator Jose Midas P. Marquez and Deputy Clerk of Court and Judicial Reform Program Administrator Attorney. Laura del Rosario was also in attendance. Country Director Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri, Research Coordinator Heather Richmond, and researchers Aniceto Orbeta Vicente Paqueo presented on IPA, M&E engagement work, the research designs with preliminary findings, and opportunities for future work. IPA’s partnership with the Supreme Court of the Philippines includes impact evaluation research on three recent judicial reforms and M&E strengthening engagement with the Office of the Court Administrator and Program Management Office.
Manila, Philippines
January 10, 2020
From January 6-31, IPA Francophone West Africa presented midline results of a Nutrition-Focused Livelihoods Program on Child Health and Nutrition in Burkina Faso in several workshops in Ouagadougou. Research Associate Aliou Diallo, Policy & Project Development Coordinator Arthur Sagot-Duvauroux, and researcher Andrew Dillon presented on the results.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
January 06, 2020 - January 31, 2020
On December 11th, IPA hosted a workshop to discuss promising approaches and interventions to address child stunting. This event took place as part of IPA's Consolidation Research Initiative, which aims to move evidence-based approaches to reduce child stunting from proof-of-concept to scalable programs and policies. For the workshop, IPA convened a small group of experts from a range of backgrounds, including academics and practitioners, to identify and discuss promising evidence-based approaches to prioritize for future research through the initiative. The workshop focused on approaches that already have evidence for their effectiveness and explore ways that they can be adapted to new contexts and implemented at larger scales.
Washington, DC, United States
December 11, 2019
On December 5, IPA, the Behavioral Government Lab (BGL), and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America co-hosted an academic and policy conference to explore the potential of the Behavioral Sciences to improve state capacity and public sector management in developing countries. The event aimed to contribute to the dissemination of lessons from behavioral economics among policymakers in Peru and, consequently, motivate collaborations between public institutions and academia, in order to design and provide socially beneficial policy innovations and public goods.
Lima, Peru
December 05, 2019
On December 3, IPA, the International Growth Centre (IGC), and Yale University’s Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale (Y-RISE) hosted “Expanding the Evidence for Policy and Interventions in Cox’s Bazar,” a day-long policy workshop discussing research findings on the influx of Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar and how evidence can inform programming and policy. The workshop was attended by over 90 policymakers and practitioners in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 03, 2019